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Are you a proud Kindle owner? Well, there are numerous users worldwide just like you who feel proud to be a Kindle user and at the same time enjoy using the Kindle tablet. However, not all enjoy the benefits of technology. There are a few who experiences problems with their tablet. For example, a few users have written in many forums that when they try to load the app storeon their tablet, it simply doesn’t work or load. Even after trying out a few tricks, the same issue comes on and off that bothers them a lot.

Well, there are sample of reasons why your tablet could not be loading the app store or why your Kindle Fire won’t load app store which includes:

• Router not set to the correct time that forces Kindle fire to inherit wrong time/date from the router.

• Battery draining that forces date/time to disappear. Instead, thetablet should get thetime set by the network itself.

• The firmware that has not been reset for long.

There are many solutions that may help you load the app store. To know more, here are a few tricks you can try:

 • Try rebooting your Kindle Fire by pressing the power button for about 20 seconds. Once your Kindle shuts down, wait for a moment and then turn it on again.
  This trick may help you easily connect to the app store as your Kindle gets refreshed.

 • After you have rebooted your Kindle Fire, try to reinstall your app store from Amazon with the appropriate link.

 • The other way out is to clear the cache and app data frequently. Sometimes, by clearing all the junk files can help you solvemany tablet problems.

 • Give your router a reset after few days as not having a stable Wi-Fi connection can also lead to this problem.

 • Lastly, make sure that you have set thecorrect date and time on your Kindle Fire before trying to open your app store again.

The majority of Kindle app store problems have been resolved using these simple tricks. However, if you fail to find a solution, then it’s always recommended to call an expert. We at Supportandhelp4u are keen to solve all your Kindle related issues. Our professionals will not only listen to your problem but also help you find the reason and provide an appropriate solution for that problem. So, what are you waiting for? Just drop us an email and our experts will contact you shortly.


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