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Are you new to kindle? Well, if yes, then Amazon’s kindle will allow you to explore more than just reading. The device not only allows its users to read their favorite bundle of books, but also read newspapers, magazines, and even playbooks. Apart from this, users can transfer media and other content using wireless technology.

However, in order to purchase the right book without any glitch, it is important to follow the right technique, else you might face issues like kindle purchasing error. Apart from this, a good wireless connection is required in order to purchase your content online.

So, here are a few steps to help you purchase on kindle:

  1. As a kindle owner, you will be required to create an account on Amazon online. The device may also ask you to save your credit card details. After that, a menu will appear that may ask you to enter your email and password. Once you are done, remember that whenever you will do a purchasing, you will be asked to enter your credit card details.

  2. After this, you will have to turn on your kindle device by pressing the power button that is placed on the bottom of the device. Hold the power button for at least 20 seconds so that your device is turned on.

  3. Press the menu button on your keypad and use an arrow key in order to select the ‘shop on kindle store’ option that appears on the pop-up dialogue bar. Press enter to select the desired option. Make sure your Wi-Fi connection is functioning properly else it might ask you to turn on your connection.
  4. Under browse, you will find books, newspapers and books option. Click on it and browse the desired content you are looking for. You will also get an option to choose the genre like ‘’non-fiction, ‘fiction’, ‘romance’, ‘science’, etc. If you are unable to find your desired content, go to search section at the bottom of the gadget. Enter the name of the book or author you want to search and click on ‘Enter’.
  5. Before purchasing the book, you can read the description of the book by clicking on ‘More’. Apart from that, you can read customers review to know more about the book details. If still not sure about purchasing, you can try out the sample book. This option appears under the ‘Buy’ button.
  6. Once you have purchased the books and you go back to Home screen, your purchased book with Title will appear on the home screen. Click on the title and begin reading your favorite book.

If you are still Unable to purchase on kindle, make us a call at 1-855-666-2009 and we will help you getting a good solution.


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